Let’s talk future at Kinam’s Table

LTFAKT is a monthly event  created by Kinam Konlan, a lover of all things African, be it history, food, fashion or music.  That is why at LTFAKT one do you get to invaluable information, guidance and talks about pursuing your dreams and achieving your goals. You also get to experience an African culinary journey- eating food from various African countries at each

LTFAKT events. In Norway not many have been exposed to African, particularly West African cuisine and that

is why LTFATK have created a platform for African chefs to showcase their culinary skills and passion for African food.

Delicious mouth weathering dishes are a necessity at a LTFAKT event, but music is equally necessary. At LTFAKT you will get to experience the various diverse sounds from Africa, through live performances, guest DJs. Yes im are here for serious discussions,  but I also know the importance of  letting lose and have some fun as well at LTFAKT.


Why I created LTFAKT

LTFAKT is a monthly event created to provide a platform for black African Norwegians in Norway. The purpose is to inspire people to pursue the dreams, follow their passion, discover their potential and maximise it and

discover their gifts and use them. 

At LTFAKT i want to see individuals living to their fullest potential, tapping into undiscovered abilities and possibilities.



Who is LTFAKT for?

Do you have a business idea you have been sitting on, not knowing how to start? 

Do you have a desire to succeed and the be the best version of yourself, but don’t you don’t quite know what your purpose is?

Do you have an idea, but you feel it’s too big and unattainable- so you are afraid to start it?

If you identify yourself with the questions above, then LTFAKT is for you. However, do you simply have an interest in developing yourself and becoming a better version of yourself, then LTFAKT is open to you too.


LTFAKT is an Afrocentric event focusing mainly on black African Norwegian individuals, however, my event are

open to any individual of any ethnicity. 



 My Goal for LTFAKT 

Create a platform for black African Norwegian creatives and entrepreneurs discover their gift, discover

their talents, maximise their potential, 

Provide avenues for individuals to create and acquire their desired future.

  What you can expect from attending LTFAKT event


 Here at LTFAKT i aim to inspire. 

You will gain access to information that will fuel your creative and entrepreneurial durian juices, propelling you into the path of your destiny. 


At LTFAKT you will be provided with information that will help you identify your goals and talents as well as tools and guidance that will equip you with the ability to go and conquer your dreams. You will hear real stories and get tips ,

guidance and inspiration from people that you Can identify with and that understand your pain

and struggles as an black African entrepreneurs In Norway.


Moreover, you will have the opportunity to meet, connect and interact with like minded individuals.

You’ll get to taste various food , music and drinks from our beautiful continent. 

You will be sure to leave a LTFAKT event with a new sense of drive and determination knowing that your choices  or lack of choices affects your future and LTFAKT is all about maximisingyour potential.



 My vision and goal for LTFAKT

 At LTFAKT not only do i hope to inspire and help those that attend my events. I want to create a paradigm shift, a shift in mentality, a shift within the creative/ entrepreneurial scene in Norway and Scandinavia. I want to create a platform where Black African Norwegians are given the opportunity to flourish and get recognised for their achievements, and to showcase good African Norwegian role models. Through my LTFAKT events i want to impact and influence  the lives of many by helping them to unlock and unleash their potentials. And to showcase my beautiful blessed heritage and culture. 

Kinam Konlan


LTFAKT 30.11.18

LTFAKT 01.02.19

Next event - 22.03.19

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